Maryland Building
201 Broadway Street
Three levels; each with suites of 1949.5 and 1056 sq. ft. including a spectacular cathedral conference room.
Virginia Building
203 Broadway Street
Three levels; each 1750 sq. ft.
Carolina Building
205 Broadway Street
Three levels; each 1813 sq. ft.
All can be divided into smaller suites.
Rental rates: $12.00 / square foot and up, plus NNN and utilities.
Entrances: All buildings have prominent front entrances with porches together with large open terrace level entrances for lower level access.
HVAC: High quality separate gas heat and electric air conditioning systems with individual meters and climate controls.
Finishes: All buildings have oak staircases, high ceilings, parabolic and florescent light fixtures and 2 x 2 high quality ceiling tiles. Each level has its own restroom facilities and kitchen.
Exterior: A mixture of stained oak doors, German siding, Calvert Rose Brick, brass hardware and earth tones.
Building Services: Janitorial services in office space and common areas including the grounds, restrooms, and parking lot.
Owners: William T. Wood, President, Jefferson Center, Inc.
                 Marie R. Wood, Secretary/Treasurer, Jefferson Center, Inc.